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Mazzoleni Benessere

Our Company

Our company Mazzoleni Benessere is market leader in the marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary, sanitary and in the work of filing and representation.


Sales organization, operating in the regions of Sicily and Calabria, with 'Healthcare' products, Buying groups provide, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Healthcare Facilities, Pharmacies, Pharmaceuticals, and Herbalists.


Decades of activity, from 1945, accrediting Mazzoleni Benessere as the ideal partner for those looking for increased sales and at the same time a serious partner, credible, reliable and durable. Features that distinguish us, allowing us to count among our sponsors the most important brands in the market.


Our facilities, property, adapt to different types of products, providing logistics and in strict compliance with regulations and laws related to their internal procedures for quality.


The company is structured into two divisions with well-differentiated product lines and sales organizations with fully autonomous:


  • Pharmacy Division
  • Natural Products Division



Mazzoleni company was established in 1945 by Grand Officer Isaac Mazzoleni. In a few years, major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, choose the know-how of our company entrusting their goods to the warehouse, and related marketing at the pharmacy and all the intermediate chain.

The natural market changes have helped the company's net position towards the marketing of "Healthcare" of which today enjoys the position as market leader in Sicily and Calabria.

Mazzoleni company has been able to defend the old and create new competitive advantages, following a policy of investment in training and new technologies, adapting to regulatory requirements, while maintaining flexible structures and resources to be effective but efficient which allowed the company to adapt at all times to the target market.

Pharmacy Division

The Pharmacy Division is strongly committed to achieving the sales targets is dictated by our principals, either from the same Mazzoleni Benessere, the first game to put in incentives to reach their goals. Agents trained, carefully monitored and encouraged, make our sales network, the first strong point of our society. Regular meetings and a company policy that aims to satisfy the individual, with a view of the symbiotic network sales and the company Mazzoleni Benessere, result in a sales organization capable of ensuring the highest "performance." The commercial director of the division operates two lines, composed of ten sales agents and an Area Manager. We have developed a system of management control that allows us to identify deviations in real time in each business area, and in particular the retail area is systematically monitored, allowing a careful and effective management.

Our customers are highly satisfied with the service, sales and after-sales service, rewards us, year after year, trying out each line and / or innovations offered by our agents.

Natural Products Division

The Natural Products Division sells organic foods, supplements and functional cosmetics, serving Herbalists, Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacies in the territory of Sicily and Calabria, through a sales network of exclusive agents coordinated by a manager.

The division aims to firmly customer satisfaction by establishing a priority policy thrust of the Sell Out, and contributing to its development through meetings, courses, customized training, dispatch of promoters, as well as counselling.

The division says the company, after a few years, offering growth beyond the expectations of principal homes, and providing the user with a technical approach - scientific of all the services offered.



The headquarters and administrative Mazzoleni Benessere is located in the commercial area of ​​Misterbianco 8 km from Catania. The deposit of 30,000 cubic meters fully air-conditioned, cold stores calibrated according to the specifications of the law by type of drug, the bulk of shelving, equipment for cargo handling of more than 200 meters of the limelight for loading and simultaneous unloading of trucks, of active and passive safety systems and finally the movement of qualified employees with advanced electronic and computer systems. Wireless warehouse management with issuing documents, loading and unloading, and inventories using a portable terminal with Wi-Fi bar code reader, ensures the traceability of the goods at all stages of our process. Qualified couriers deliver the goods according to our specific requests for service. Mazzoleni Benessere owes its success to its ability to adapt to the market; investment in technology is the constant that sets us apart in our market.



The operating procedures are certified by Mazzoleni Benessere in July 2001, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, accredited by the GNV-GL. Mazzoleni defines the quality policy for a continuous improvement of services provided to clients. For this purpose, and defines common objectives, regularly monitoring processes, audits carried out by analyzing the causes of non-compliance and then measure the satisfaction of its customers. A low turnover of staff must be accompanied by a policy of continuing professional education, which will ensure the proper gear including human resources, new technology and continuous improvement of operational procedures. A highly qualified management team ensures excellence in every area of ​​the store.

Contact us

Mazzoleni Benessere s.r.l



Via Leopoldo Franchetti, 10

95045 – Misterbianco (CT) – ITALY

Tel. 0039 095 758 15 11

Fax 0039 095 48 42 33 – 0039 095 47 56 70




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